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Our Philosophy

At Author, Inc., we think cooking should be done with style, flair and personality. The Cooks Palate is both sophisticated and easy to use.  We specifically designed The Cooks Palate to help our customers express their culinary palate by creating cookbooks with the software.  By design, The Cooks Palate cookbook software is for everyone interested in organizing their recipe collection and creating cookbooks for home, school, fundraising, professional promotions and much more.

By combining culinary expertise with advanced software development, we have created the ultimate user-friendly cookbook software that has evolved from the "cook's  point of view".  And, as technological advances are made, you can count on us to pass both those and new culinary ideas directly to you.

Our History

While researching culinary software in 1995, Ed Linne discovered that although there were many "recipe" programs, the programs were generally designed as recipe organizers by companies with little or no culinary expertise.  Further research by Tracy Linne revealed that a market for cookbook publishing software was untapped and in demand.  As a result the two founders blended their culinary interests with their technology industry backgrounds to produce the first generation of cookbook publishing software.

After extensive research and development The Cooks Palate was launched and introduced in Gourmet Magazine in June 1996.  Since its introduction, The Cooks Palate has been recognized as the most creative and user-friendly culinary software in the industry. 

After 14 years the Author, Inc. family of software and services to publish books continues to expand, thanks to our active and loyal customer base. 

Author, Inc. is a privately-held company.  We offer a fully functioning free trial of our flagship software, The Cooks Palate, for evaluation. To contact us please call 1.888.238.8377 or if you prefer, submit a request for contact.



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