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Cookbook writers face difficult obstacles in publishing a first cookbook

Traditional publishers are besieged with hundreds of proposals for cookbooks each year. Consequently, they rarely accept an author's “first book.”  In the rare instance where they do take on a new writer, they often dictate the subject matter for the cookbook. Thus, a writer who wants to write about baking may be forced to write about another subject entirely.  If they are given an advance, the cookbook writer must repay the advance out of their portion of the book's profits.  If they have a $10,000 advance and they receive $2 in royalties per book, they must sell 5,000 books just to repay the advance.

Cookbook Writers who choose to self-publish a cookbook face a different set of problems. While they have almost complete control, they don’t have easy access to proof-readers, illustrators, photographers, indexers and other publishing industry professionals that ensure a professional result. Additionally, there is a minimum number of books that must be printed in a single print run, usually around 10,000. The cookbook writer ends up spending thousands of dollars upfront and must take delivery of the entire print run, usually handling fulfillment from their garage to re-coop their investment.

Author, Inc.'s unique Self-Service Publishing System allows cookbook writers to develop cookbooks and order them as needed to improve the writer's chance of success and profit.















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