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Designing Your Cookbook Cover

We recognize that choosing your cookbook cover design is important to the success of your book. We have packaged the most competitive options for book cover design services in the market today. There are three options to getting a cookbook cover design completed.

The first is to use one of the cover templates in The Cooks Palate Publisher.  These templates have been designed for our customers by book cover design professionals.  For an affordable flat fee, we will personalize the text and stock photography for you as a semi-custom solution.

Alternatively, you can request a custom cover design. We offer full-custom book cover design services at very competitive rates.

Lastly, you can provide your own professionally designed cover artwork. This is the right option for those that are proficient with professional design software or are already working with a commercial artist. If that is not the case, you will find our design services to be less expensive and of higher quality than other available options.

If you plan to sell your book, cover designs prepared by Author, Inc. will include a UPC bar code for distribution. Cover artwork specifications are listed in the book submission guidelines.

When your manuscript is complete, you will submit the manuscript and cover files as an upload to our web site from within the Publisher program.

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