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The Cookbook Development Process

There are two steps to prepare a cookbook for publishing. The first is to develop and organize cookbook content. The second is to develop the cookbook manuscript for printing.

Our Cooks Palate software is designed to capture recipes and organize them into cookbooks. This process includes recipe scaling, nutritional analysis, chapter assignment and development of keywords for the automated index. Once a cookbook has been created and recipes have been assigned to chapters, the cookbook is ready for manuscript development. At this point, if your printing requirements are non-commercial, you can design the book layout in the Publisher chapter and print your book from your desktop printer.

For more ambitious projects export your cookbook into The Publisher software to use more advanced features that control physical layout and design, including image insertion. The final book can be comb bound with the help of your local office supply store or we can provide these services to you.

For commercial printing projects, our Cooks Palate Publisher software is designed to import your Cooks Palate cookbook. Using an automated wizard you define the book size, binding, text block layout, style, optional page insertions and cover options. Your wizard selections define the book template and your manuscript is auto-generated, complete with a robust cookbook index. You can further customize the manuscript by inserting images, editing text, layout and styles to get the manuscript just the way you want it. 

When your manuscript is near completion simply go to our online Store to order your first free book. If you plan to sell and distribute the book, you can order the Distribution Services package to trigger issuance of an ISBN number, Library of Congress listing and UPC bar code for your book cover.

We recognize that not everyone started developing their cookbook with The Cooks Palate software, so we made sure The Cooks Palate Publisher can import industry standard *.rtf files (rich text format). Simply follow the book submission guidelines to prepare your *.rtf cookbook file for importation into The Publisher.

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