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The Cooks Palate Publisher is part of our self-service publishing solution - integrated software and services to publish cookbooks. Create you cookbook with The Cooks Palate and prepare your manuscript for commercial printing with the Publisher. 

When you purchase the Publisher you receive software to create print-on-demand ready books.  Import your Cooks Palate cookbook file and use the Publisher to define the physical layout of your manuscript, including the book size, binding type and text block styles.  Insert images, customize page templates and create a robust cookbook index.  The built-in book submission service automatically uploads your manuscript file to us for printing and we give you the first copy of your professionally printed book free. Your electronic manuscript remains on file for reorders and distribution fulfillment if you plan to commercially distribute your book.

  • The Publisher uses Cooks Palate cookbooks to populate book templates that are print-on-demand ready. These professionally designed book templates meet the physical layout specifications required for print-on-demand books.
  • The automated wizard steps through all of the physical book definitions including book size, binding, book block layout, style, and optional page insertions. Your manuscript draft is auto-generated and ready to be customized.
  • Includes a powerful editor designed for the unique requirements of cookbook manuscript editing. Global changes can be made to recipe styles such as recipe instructions, ingredients, titles, etc...
  • Automatically generate a robust cookbook index. Index entries are extracted from The Cooks Palate recipe keywords and automatically formatted appropriately for the selected book size and style.
  • Digital photographs and other 300dpi images can be inserted anywhere in the manuscript with complete control over position, size and layout.
  • Professionally designed cover artwork templates are included. Select a template and use our affordable design services to customize it for your project, or, if you already have a book designer, submit your own professionally design cover artwork.
  • Easy cookbook manuscript submission. When your manuscript is ready, click on the submit button in the program to automatically and securely transmit your book printing order.
  • Supports import of rich text files (*.rtf) created in common word processors.  If you have already created your cookbook with a word processor you can import it as an *.rtf file to complete your manuscript for printing submission.

Important Links:

Screen Shots of the Publisher Program
Screen Shots of the Cover Templates
Design Services for Covers
Book Submission Guidelines

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Benefits Include:
  • Our self-service publishing solution provides a clear and obtainable roadmap to publishing success in the shortest amount of time
  • Fully integrated solution from a single source
  • An affordable solution for everyone
  • Removes publishing process obstacles allowing  authors to focus on recipe selection, testing and manuscript design
  • On-demand ordering of books means no inventory requirements and no upfront fees for printing
  • Self-publishing gives you, the author, the highest profits from the sale of your books
  • All published books can be sold through our online store and other distribution channels if desired




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