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  • Version 4.5 Upgrade
  • Free to registered users of Cooks Palate software 4.0. Register for the free download.
  • Purchase required for registered users of Cooks Palate software 3.x and earlier.  Visit our online Store for upgrade pricing.
  • Purchase required for registered users of competitive culinary software. Contact us to request eligibility for competitive upgrade pricing.*

    *Proof of purchase requested.


  • This version is an upgrade for registered users of The Cooks Palate.  It includes new keyword assignments for recipes on the recipe tab that automatically generate a cookbook index in the companion product, The Publisher.
  • It also contains a fix for symbols and mixed case in the recipe name field


Why is it Important to Upgrade?
  • Upgrading now will give you the enhanced power of The Cooks Palate 4.5 with valuable time saving techniques to manage your cookbook projects.
  • As of January 1, 2005 versions prior to Version 3.x have been retired and technical support for those versions is no longer available.
  • If you are using a prior version of The Cooks Palate we recommend that you upgrade now. You way wish to review our Sunset Policy
  • Click on the Upgrade button below to visit our online Store to purchase an upgrade:

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New Features Include
  • Export of Cooks Palate Cookbooks into the New Cooks Palate Publisher to publish professional print-on-demand cookbooks. Read more about our self-service publishing and the Publisher software and services.
  • New keyword indexing system to create automated cookbook indexes.
  • New and Improved Program Interface with expandable display window.
  • Fast Data Entry with the re-designed recipe card.  Type ahead fields, one-click recipe and ingredient duplication, ingredient search and ingredient re-ordering make recipe entry fast and easy.
  • Recipe spell checking automatically checks for errors
  • Improved Cookbook Editing with export to *.rtf file format to edit cookbooks and images using popular word processors.
  • Add unlimited cookbook chapters
  • Email recipes and cookbooks to anyone in html format
  • Database Maintenance has been improved
  • Import Internet recipes from popular web sites, other recipe programs or scanned recipes.  Use the recipe duplication feature to adapt and edit recipes to taste.
  • New artwork.  Dozens of professional culinary photos have been added.  You can also add your own digital photos (*.jpg files) as cover artwork
  • New sample recipes 
  • New help system and user manual in Adobe Reader format



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